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Phone Script

Ultimately, you know your friends and family best, so you should decide what to say to them. But in case you need help, a phone call could look something like this:

Hi, this is _______________. (Introduce yourself!). I’m a member of my school’s band program. I love being in band because...... During the month of May, my band program is doing a donation drive to raise money for our program. Our program is in need of instruments as well as other supplies and equipment and we are trying to raise $30,000 this month to help with that.


Would you be willing to help us out with a donation? Even a small donation will help us reach our goal. If you donate and credit my name, you can help me win cool prizes.


If they say yes:


Great! Thank you! All you need to do is visit and click the “Donation Drive 2022” button. There are two steps – first to fill out a google form, and second to donate through our secure payment server. You will get a tax-deductible receipt via email and a thank you card from the band program sometime in the next few months. We appreciate your support!

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