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Crimson Regiment Update 6/1/21

Dear CrimsonRegiment,

It's Parade Week! Please see the below information regarding the parade this week as well as other important information regarding deadlines and other general information. This is a long email, but it is so important that you read it all the way through!

Parade Information:

We will be marching in the Pony Express Days parade in Eagle Mountain this Saturday, June 5. This is such an important and fun opportunity for us to showcase our marching band for the Eagle Mountain Community. Please see information below:

Student Call Time: 7:00 AM, in the Band Room at Cedar Valley. We will get into uniform, assemble our instruments, and ride the bus to the start of the parade.

Parade Start Time: 10:00 AM. Parents, you are encouraged to watch the parade and take lots of pictures and videos and email them to Mr. Hall. :)

Parade End Time: Whenever it is over! We do not know what our location is in the parade, but we are hoping to go at the very beginning. We will travel the 1.5 mile parade route, board the busses, and travel back to the school. There, we will get out of uniform, feed the kids popsicles, and send everyone home. I will try to update you all with an email when we arrive at school so you know when to pick up your students. My guess is it will be no later than 12:30 or 1:00 (but likely earlier). Parents, please have your students ride the bus to and from the parade. It is such an organizational headache to try to arrange for uniform and instrument transportation and for me to try and keep track of 150 kids when students are coming and going at various times.

Parent Help needed: We will need some parent help for this parade:

- a few parents to help with uniforms (you know who you are, I believe).
- 5-6 parents to walk the parade route with water bottles and spray bottles to keep the kids hydrated and cool
- 4-5 parents to help completely unload the trailers Thursday after rehearsal (12:00). Shouldn't take more than about half an hour.

If you are available to help with any of those things, please let me know.

Student Parade Information:

- Summer parades in full uniform can be hot. It is important to prepare for this parade so we don't have students passing out or getting nauseous from the heat. PLEASE hydrate Thursday and Friday. After marching band both days, students should drink a LOT of water to pre-hydrate for the parade. PLEASE eat a good breakfast and drink plenty of water Saturday morning. If we all do those two things, we should be fairly successful. - Students MUST wear athletic shorts and short-sleeved t-shirts under their uniforms. NO cargo shorts, jeans, long pants of any kind or long-sleeved shirts of any kind will be allowed. - Students need to wear a pair of LONG black socks with their marching shoes. Socks must come up to mid-calf. Marching Shoes will be distributed to all who have paid on Thursday after rehearsal. Please pay for shoes ASAP if you have not. - Students with long hair need to have their hair "up" so it is not visible under the shako (marching band hat). Ideally, long hair should be in a bun on top of the student's head. If that is not possible, please use bobby pins to keep the hair up. - Please wear minimal (or no) makeup. We will be spraying you with spray bottles during the parade to help you keep cool. - Please shower and wear deodorant. Help us keep our uniforms clean. :)

Please let me know if you have any parade questions!

Other important information:

Register My Athlete: Register My Athlete is up and running! Please visit. and complete your registration. The contract will be signed there, your UHSAA Physical form can be uploaded there, as well as a few other documents required by Alpine School District and UHSAA. DO NOT PAY FEES THROUGH REGISTER MY ATHLETE. It will say something about needing to pay fees, but you can ignore that. We use for our fees.

Deadlines: The registration deadline is June 11. Please get that done ASAP! Remember, RMA must be complete (including the physical), fees must be paid (including shoes, percussion sticks and mallets, guard spirit packs, etc.) to be fully registered. Please also send me your report cards ASAP. I need an official end-of-term report card from each student by June 11. I believe they may not post until the end of this week, if that is the case, please send them as soon as you are able.

Calendar and Schedule:

If you have calendar or schedule questions, please refer to the google calendar or the schedule as listed in the contract. With almost 130 students registered for marching band, I just cannot answer every single email asking when we have rehearsal and when we don't. Thank you for understanding. The link for the google calendar is here.

Fight Song Memorization:

Students, make sure you are memorizing the fight song. We are playing it a bunch of times on Saturday. :)

Student (and Parent) help Thursday:

We need some help emptying the trailers after rehearsal on Thursday. If you are available, please let me know. It shouldn't take more than about half an hour if we have several people volunteer, but we do need help lifting some heavy things.

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